Give All Items

A mod for Elong Plug
About the Give All Items mod

Obtain all in-game items at once with a single action using this mod. Streamline your gaming experience in Elong Plug by gaining effortless access to every available item, enhancing your overall gameplay.

Easily Obtain Every In-Game Item

With this mod, effortlessly acquire all items in one go, enhancing your overall gameplay experience in Elong Plug.

Unleash Full Potential Instantly

This mod allows you to unleash the game's full potential instantly by gaining access to every available item with a single action.

Simplify Your Gaming Experience

Streamline your game progression and eliminate the need for tedious item collection by utilizing this mod to instantly retrieve all in-game items.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself all items.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give All Items

Instantly give yourself all items.

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