Low Gravity

A mod for Eraser
About the Low Gravity mod

Experience a new dimension of gameplay with the ability to customize gravity settings in Eraser. This mod empowers players to alter gravity percentage, allowing for higher jumps and unique movements, creating an entirely fresh dynamic within the game.

Enhance Gameplay with Varied Gravity Levels

Unleash the full potential of the game by experimenting with different gravity options, offering a unique and enhanced gaming experience. Find the perfect balance between gravity and jump height to suit your gaming style.

Create New Challenges with Custom Gravity Settings

With the mod, players can create new in-game challenges by implementing customized gravity settings. Alter the game dynamics by setting different gravity levels, providing a fresh and exciting way to play Eraser.

Diverse Movement and Jumping Strategies with Gravity Mod

Utilize the gravity mod to devise diverse movement and jumping strategies, offering a competitive edge in the game. Experiment with varied gravity percentages to discover the most effective way to navigate the gameplay.

Extra Details

Lower or raise the gravity, jump much higher with low gravity.

This modpack contains the following mods


Change the gravity as a percentage. 100 is full gravity. 50 is half gravity. 0 is no gravity. A negative value will make you fly up. A value of 200 will double the gravity.

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