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Low Gravity
Experience a new dimension of gameplay with the ability to customize gravity settings in Eraser. This mod empowers players to alter gravity percentage, allowing for higher jumps and unique movements, creating an entirely fresh dynamic within the game.
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    Unlock a new world of possibilities with this mod, enabling you to fly through the game environment in a no-clip mode. Expand your exploration horizons by accessing hidden areas, navigating tight spaces, and enjoying unparalleled freedom.
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      No Knock Out
      Elevate your Eraser gameplay with the No Knock Out mod. Stay invincible throughout the game, preventing yourself from being knocked out by enemies and hazards. This mod ensures that enemies won't hit you, providing an uninterrupted and unbeatable gaming experience.
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        About Eraser

        Throw your stick-figure-self at cannonballs and airplanes in an upward pursuit of the eraser! Play cooperatively online to share the journey! Who's to say whether the company will help or hinder, though...