No Knock Out

A mod for Eraser
About the No Knock Out mod

Eliminate the risk of knockouts while you engage with the thrilling challenges of the game. This mod ensures you remain unharmed by enemies, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience without interruptions from enemy hits.

Explore the Game Freely

With the ability to prevent knockouts, players can traverse through challenging levels without the constant worry of being knocked out by enemies or obstacles. This creates a more engaging and liberating gameplay experience where you can fully enjoy the adventure.

Focus on Strategy, Not Survival

Shift your focus from merely surviving enemy attacks to crafting strategies for overcoming challenges. Without the threat of being damaged, you can concentrate on scoring higher and achieving your goals in Eraser.

Perfect for Cooperative Gameplay

When playing online with friends, this mod allows you to engage collectively without fear of being taken down by enemies. It enhances cooperative play, encouraging teamwork and shared strategies while having a blast!

Extra Details

You can't be knocked out anymore. Enemies won't hit you.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Knock Out

Prevent yourself from being knocked out by enemies and hazards.

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