Estate Agent Simulator

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Give Xp
Elevate your gameplay by effortlessly accumulating experience points, granting you the ability to unlock skills at your own pace. Simply choose the amount of XP you want to gain, and use the intuitive skills menu to refresh your progress. Whether you're aiming for a quick boost or want to streamline your journey through the real estate market, this mod makes it all possible!
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    Give Money
    Transform your gaming experience by effortlessly increasing your money in Estate Agent Simulator, enabling you to purchase and manage properties without financial constraints. Enjoy the freedom to invest as you see fit and reshape your real estate journey today.
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      Rig Casino Results
      Unlock unprecedented control in your gaming experience by customizing outcomes in casino games. Whether you want to strategically pick numbers in roulette, influence the cards in blackjack, or optimize your results in the slots, this mod transforms your gameplay into a winning adventure.
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        About Estate Agent Simulator

        Estate Agent Simulator lets you enter the exciting world of the real estate market. You can buy, decorate, advertise, rent or sell houses. You can buy vacant land and build houses. Environmental factors will affect the rental prices of houses.