Give Xp

A mod for Estate Agent Simulator
About the Give Xp mod

Gain an edge in Estate Agent Simulator with the ability to instantly level up your skills using the Give XP mod. Access infinite XP, refresh your skills menu, and unlock new abilities to elevate your gameplay experience.

Unlock New Skills Instantly

Gain XP in a snap with this mod, allowing you to swiftly unlock new abilities and enhance your gameplay experience in Estate Agent Simulator.

Enhance Your Skills

Gain access to infinite XP, giving you the power to refresh your skills menu and boost your in-game abilities, changing the way you play Estate Agent Simulator.

Empower Your Gameplay

Give yourself unlimited XP to quickly progress and improve your skills in Estate Agent Simulator, making the game more exciting and dynamic.

Extra Details

Give yourself Xp so you can unlock new skills. Open and close the skills menu with "y" to refresh your xp.

This modpack contains the following mods


The amount of xp to give yourself.

Give Xp

Give yourself the specified amount of xp.

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