Fashion Police Squad

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Set Move Speed
Enhance your Fashion Police Squad experience by instantly adjusting your player's move speed to match your desired pace, adding a new level of flexibility to your gameplay.
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    Get ready to unlock new levels of exploration and discovery with the Fly mod for Fashion Police Squad. Gain the ability to soar through the game, bypass barriers, and uncover hidden secrets that were previously out of reach. Customize your flying experience by toggling between different speeds, and delight in the freedom of unrestricted movement, all enhancing your gameplay in Fashion Police Squad.
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      Infinite Health
      Elevate your gaming experience with a mod that provides continuous health replenishment and god mode, ensuring you remain invincible and unstoppable in Fashion Police Squad.
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        About Fashion Police Squad

        Even at this moment, our fashionable city is under assault. Baggy pants, dull suits, sightings of socks with sandals. A message needs to be sent, and it needs to be sent in style... Time to serve some good ol' Fashion Justice!