Set Move Speed

A mod for Fashion Police Squad
About the Set Move Speed mod

Enhance your Fashion Police Squad experience by instantly adjusting your player's move speed to match your desired pace, adding a new level of flexibility to your gameplay.

Revolutionize Your Gameplay

With the ability to instantly tweak your player's move speed, you'll be able to navigate Fashion Police Squad like never before, adding a new layer of dynamism to your gaming experience.

Master the Art of Fashion Justice

Achieve flawless execution and precision by customizing your player's movement speed to suit your style, giving you unparalleled control to serve your own brand of Fashion Justice.

Unleash Unparalleled Speed

Take your gaming to the next level as you unleash lightning-fast movement, outmaneuvering foes and completing missions with unmatched agility, thanks to the instant move speed modification.

Extra Details

Instantly set your players move speed.

This modpack contains the following mods

Move Speed to Set

Move speed to set.

Set Move Speed

Set the specified move speed.

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