Fish Behavior

Feed and Grow: Fish

Want to mix things up and change how fish behave? Want to lay eggs or spawn an army on command? Want to swallow other fish whole? Want to increase your chances of mating another fish? This mod pack adds all of that and more.

This modpack contains the following mods

Allow Swallow

Allows you to swallow anything whole, even bosses, no matter how big it is.

Mating 100% Success Rate

Modifies the mating chances so you are 100% successful.

Instant Hatching

Causes any eggs to instantly hatch.

Super Agressive Mode

Makes it so all fish can attack other fish, regardless of their level of type, fish won't attack their own kind unless the specific option for that is enabled.

Fish Attack Their Own Kind

Modifies the fish so they can attack their own kind. This requires Super Agressive Mode to be enabled or it won't do anything.

Fish Cant Get Scared

Prevents fish from ever getting scared.

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