Player Stats

Feed and Grow: Fish

Get infinite health, stamina and oxygen. Enable infinite health to stop fish from damaging you, and enable can't be eaten whole to stop those same fish from swallowing you in one bite. Unlimited stamina will let you sprint for as long as you want. Unlimited oxygen is useful for those fish who can't breath under water, go exploring for as long as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Health

Gives you unlimited health to prevent other fish from killing you. This won't stop things from swallowing you if you're tiny.

Can't Be Eaten Whole

Prevent your fish from being swallowed whole. Your fish can still be killed one attack at a time if infinite health isn't enabled.

Unlimited Sprint

Gives you unlimited sprint which allows you to sprint forever.

Unlimited Oxygen

Prevents your oxygen from lowering allowing you to breath under water forever with fish / animals that have limited breath.