FNAF Tower Defense

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Explore 7 mods across 4 modpacks for FNAF Tower Defense.

Infinite Health
Experience unyielding power with this mod that grants you god mode, bestowing infinite health and invincibility in FNAF Tower Defense. Ensure endless gameplay and accomplish unbeatable scores as you embark on fearless battles, all made possible with this exclusive enhancement.
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    Give Faz Coins
    Gain an edge in FNAF Tower Defense with the Give Faz Coins mod. Effortlessly grant yourself a specified amount of faz coins, accelerating your progression and strategic tower upgrades for an enhanced gaming experience.
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      Give Money
      Amplify your in-game resources with the ability to instantly grant a specified amount of money in FNAF Tower Defense. This mod enhances gameplay by allowing you to modify your currency, providing more strategic options and eliminating financial constraints.
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        Give Skillpoints
        Add a new dimension to your FNAF Tower Defense experience with this mod, allowing you to instantly gain a specified amount of skill points and enhance your gameplay.
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          About FNAF Tower Defense

          FNAF Tower Defense is a combination of the horror game FNAF and the Tower Defense genre. Fight your way through waves of enemies, upgrade your towers, play on different maps and gamemodes, level up and earn your spot at the top of the scoreboard!