Give Faz Coins

A mod for FNAF Tower Defense
About the Give Faz Coins mod

Instantly boost your gaming experience in FNAF Tower Defense by giving yourself a chosen amount of Faz Coins. This mod ensures that you can enhance your gameplay without the grind, allowing you to focus on strategy and upgrades.

Transform Your Strategy

Leverage the ability to give yourself Faz Coins and watch your strategy evolve. With enhanced resources at your disposal, you can focus on building robust defenses and unique towers, ensuring you're always ahead of the enemies.

Customize Your Currency

With the option to select any amount of Faz Coins, you can tailor your gameplay to fit your preferred style. Whether you want to start small or dive in with a huge boost, this flexibility allows for a truly personalized experience.

Skip the Grind

Forget about the tedious struggle of earning coins through repeated gameplay. Enjoy instant access to Faz Coins, letting you spend more time enjoying the game's exciting mechanics rather than farming for resources.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of faz coins.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Faz Coins to Give

The amount of faz coins to give.

Give Faz Coins

Give the specified amount of faz coins.

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