Garfield Lasagna Party

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Speed Up Game
Elevate your gaming experience with this mod, offering the ability to accelerate gameplay, skip monotonous sections, and enhance overall excitement. Seamlessly switch between game speeds to revel in every moment of Garfield Lasagna Party.
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    Force Dice Roll
    Empower your gameplay with the Force Dice Roll mod for Garfield Lasagna Party. This mod allows players to control and set the outcome of dice rolls, granting them the power to strategically influence their in-game fate and enhance their gaming experience.
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      Force Player's Turn
      Take control of the game with the Force Player's Turn mod for Garfield Lasagna Party. Customize your turn, enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, and seamlessly switch between players, all at your fingertips.
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        Select Mini Game Winner
        Take charge of the game with the ability to select the winner of mini games, giving you strategic control over the outcomes. Directly influence the game by forcing a player to win, shaping the experience to match your preferences and style of play.
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          About Garfield Lasagna Party

          32 mini-games to discover across emblematic environments such as Garfield's house, the pizzeria, Liz's veterinary clinic... Our friends Garfield, Odie, Arlene et Nermal have taken on an enormous challenge: to participate in a gigantic lasagna party!