Select Mini Game Winner

A mod for Garfield Lasagna Party
About the Select Mini Game Winner mod

Take charge of the game with the ability to select the winner of mini games, giving you strategic control over the outcomes. Directly influence the game by forcing a player to win, shaping the experience to match your preferences and style of play.

Overview Video
Customize Mini Game Winners

Empower yourself to handpick the winner of mini games, giving you the control to determine the outcome.

Tailor Winning Outcomes

Stand out by selecting the victor of mini games, allowing you to personalize the game experience according to your preferences and strategy.

Unleash Strategic Control

Seize the advantage by forcing a specific player to win mini games, reshaping the gaming dynamics to suit your tactics and gameplay approach.

Extra Details

Select which player is the winner for mini games. The selected player will always win, regardless of the actual outcome.

This modpack contains the following mods


Select which player will always win mini games when force win is enabled.

Force Win

Force the selected player to always win mini games.

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