Graveyard Keeper

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Explore 5 mods across 2 modpacks for Graveyard Keeper.

Infinite Energy
Get ready to experience uninterrupted gameplay with the Infinite Energy mod for Graveyard Keeper. Say goodbye to energy worries as this mod ensures your energy is constantly filled, allowing you to focus on creative strategies and decision-making without interruptions.
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    Spawn Tech Points
    Elevate your Graveyard Keeper experience with the ability to instantly spawn a specified amount of tech points, ranging from 1 to 1000. Whether it's red, green, or blue tech points, this mod provides the flexibility to enhance your gameplay to suit your exact preferences.
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      About Graveyard Keeper

      Build and manage a medieval graveyard while facing ethical dilemmas and making questionable decisions. Welcome to Graveyard Keeper, the most inaccurate medieval cemetery sim of the year.