Spawn Tech Points

A mod for Graveyard Keeper
About the Spawn Tech Points mod

Elevate your Graveyard Keeper experience with the ability to instantly spawn a specified amount of tech points, ranging from 1 to 1000. Whether it's red, green, or blue tech points, this mod provides the flexibility to enhance your gameplay to suit your exact preferences.

Effortlessly Enhance Your Tech Points

Boost your tech points instantly with the ability to adjust the amount from 1 to 1000, providing you with endless possibilities to improve your gameplay.

Customize Your Tech Points

Tailor your tech points to your specific needs by choosing between red, green, and blue tech points to capture the precise elements you desire for your Graveyard Keeper experience.

Rapidly Infuse Your Gameplay

Seamlessly accelerate your progress by summoning tech points effortlessly, ensuring your Graveyard Keeper journey remains dynamic and continually engaging.

Extra Details

Instantly spawn yourself a specified amount of tech points.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Tech Points to Spawn

The amount of tech points to spawn.

Spawn Red Tech Points

Spawn the specified amount of red tech points.

Spawn Green Tech Points

Spawn the specified amount of green tech points.

Spawn Blue Tech Points

Spawn the specified amount of blue tech points.

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