Add Time

A mod for Meteor 60 Seconds!
About the Add Time mod

Empower your gameplay in Meteor 60 Seconds by customizing the time countdown. This mod allows you to add or remove time, giving you the freedom to shape your final 60 seconds according to your preferences. Explore new scenarios, control your destiny, and challenge your skills with flexible time constraints.

Control Your Destiny

Adjust the time limit in Meteor 60 Seconds to match your preferred pace and gameplay style. Exert total control over your destiny by adding, freezing, or reducing the time to enrich your gaming experience.

Unlock New Scenarios

With the time mod, unlock an array of new scenarios and challenges. Enrich your last 60 seconds in the game by tailoring the time to create different storylines and explore divergent outcomes.

Challenge Your Skills

Test your skills by pushing the limits with a shorter time span. Add an extra layer of challenge and excitement by setting a stricter time limit and seeing if you can meet your objectives within the allotted time.

Extra Details

Add or remove time. Play for as long as you want. Instantly lose by removing time.

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