Meteor 60 Seconds!

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Increase Game Speed
Elevate your experience in Meteor 60 Seconds! by adjusting the game speed to match your desired pace. Whether you're looking to speed things up for an adrenaline rush or slow down for an intense strategy session, this mod lets you redefine how you play. Enjoy the freedom to make every second count in your quest to make the most of your final moments.
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    Add Time
    Experience a thrilling twist in the race against the meteor with the ability to add or remove time. Whether you wish to extend your adventure or face the consequences of removing seconds, this mod enhances gameplay by allowing players to explore and strategize uniquely in Meteor 60 Seconds!
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      About Meteor 60 Seconds!

      Meteor 60 seconds! is a simple, fun, comic-like action game that simulates your life if there were a meteor heading towards Earth and you had 60 seconds to live. Do anything you want to do with your last 60 seconds, even if it's illegal! What about planting an apple tree?