Increase Game Speed

A mod for Meteor 60 Seconds!
About the Increase Game Speed mod

Elevate your experience in Meteor 60 Seconds! by adjusting the game speed to match your desired pace. Whether you're looking to speed things up for an adrenaline rush or slow down for an intense strategy session, this mod lets you redefine how you play. Enjoy the freedom to make every second count in your quest to make the most of your final moments.

Customize Your Play Style

Unleash your unique style by adjusting the game speed to your preference. Whether you thrive in high-octane excitement or prefer to strategize under pressure, this mod gives you the control to transform every second of gameplay.

Perfect for Every Moment

Need a moment to think before making that crucial decision? Slow down the action and savor every choice you make. This mod lets you enjoy the thrill of last-minute decisions while you shape your destiny in the game.

Optimized Performance Based on Your Hardware

Experience smooth gameplay tailored to your computer's capabilities. As you tweak the speed settings, notice how responsive and enjoyable the game feels, putting you right in the middle of the action or allowing for a more relaxed approach.

Extra Details

Increase the speed of the game. Make things happen faster or slower.

This modpack contains the following mods

Game Speed

Enable the toggle to change the speed of the game. Avoid setting a really high value for this or the game may stop feeling smooth. The more powerful your computer, the higher you can set this. This can also be used to make the game slower if a value of less than 1 is used. A value of 0.5 would make the game go half as fast, this is useful for slow motion.

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