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Give Shop Credits
Empower your in-game shopping experience with the ability to instantly add a specified amount of shop credits, granting the freedom to purchase anything available in the game shop without constraints. Customize the amount of shop credits being added to your account, tailoring your shopping spree to perfectly fit your gameplay needs.
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    Infinite Health
    Elevate your Outnumbered gameplay with access to infinite health and a god mode feature that grants invincibility, empowering you to conquer all adversaries effortlessly.
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      Give Experience
      Gain immense control over your character's progression with the Give Experience mod for Outnumbered. Instantly level up and acquire as many abilities as you desire, customizing your gameplay experience to overcome challenging situations effortlessly.
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        About Outnumbered

        Outnumbered is a mass-enemy top-down shooter with rogue-lite elements. You may be greatly outnumbered, but not outpowered. Evolve into the ultimate weapon of destruction!