Give Shop Credits

A mod for Outnumbered
About the Give Shop Credits mod

This mod enhances your gameplay by allowing you to instantly give yourself a certain amount of shop credits, enabling you to purchase items and upgrades with ease. No more grinding for credits; simply choose the amount and enjoy all the shop has to offer.

Maximize Your Shop Experience

With the ability to give yourself extra shop credits, you can immediately enjoy all that the shop has to offer. Embrace the power to unlock new items and upgrades without any hassle, making your time in the game more productive.

Unlimited Potential for Shopping

Imagine exploring the shop without restrictions! This mod opens up limitless opportunities, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience by purchasing everything you desire. Say goodbye to grinding for credits and hello to shopping freedom!

Empower Your Gameplay

Taking control of your credits means you can focus on what really matters — defeating enemies and evolving your character. Make strategic purchases that align with your gameplay style and become the ultimate weapon of destruction.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of shop credits. You can buy anything in the shop now.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Shop Credits to Give

The amount of shop credits to give.

Give Shop Credits

Give the specified amount of shop credits.

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