Arcane & Void Essence

A mod for Outpost
About the Arcane & Void Essence mod

Enhance your Outpost experience with increased access to both Arcane and Void Essence. This essential mod empowers you to craft superior gear and equip yourself for any challenge, making it perfect for players who want to elevate their character's power and tackle tougher foes.

Maximize Your Crafting Potential

Unlock the full crafting potential of your character by leveraging the abundant supplies of Arcane and Void Essence. This mod equips you with everything you need to craft better gear, ensuring you're always one step ahead in your survival journey.

Empower Your Gameplay Experience

Whether you're facing ferocious enemies or challenging environments, the ability to quickly gather Arcane and Void Essences through this mod allows you to empower your gameplay. Dive into tougher battles with confidence!

Innovative Strategies for Survival

With the strategic use of Arcane and Void Essence, you can create unique items tailored to your journey. This mod encourages inventiveness, leading to innovative survival strategies that can make all the difference in the world of Outpost.

Extra Details

Gives you both Arcane Essence and Void Essence. With an abundance of these essential crafting resources, you can create better gear and equip yourself for any challenge. Ideal for players looking to enhance their character's power and take on tougher battles. Craft to your heart's content with the Arcane & Void Essence Mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Arcane Essence to Give

The amount of Arcane Essence to give.

Give Arcane Essence

Give yourself the specified amount of Arcane Essence.

Amount of Void Essence to Give

The amount of Void Essence to give.

Give Void Essence

Give yourself the specified amount of Void Essence.

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