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Outpost brings the perfect mix between survival and roguelike gameplay. Start the game in a randomly generated environment and try to adapt, and make it through as many nights as possible. How long can you survive?


This game has 10 mods across 3 modpacks.

Give Resources
Enhance your building and crafting capabilities with this mod that provides an in-game boost of both wood and stone. No more resource scarcity, just more opportunities for exploration and creation. Suitable for players who want to take their gameplay to the next level.
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    Arcane & Void Essence
    Gives you both Arcane Essence and Void Essence. With an abundance of these essential crafting resources, you can create better gear and equip yourself for any challenge. Ideal for players looking to enhance their character's power and take on tougher battles. Craft to your heart's content with the Arcane & Void Essence Mod.
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      Give Experience
      Give yourself experience points, allowing you to unlock new abilities, skills, and upgrades. Ideal for players looking to increase their progression rate in the game. Make the most out of your gameplay with the Give Experience Mod.
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