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Give Resources
Enhance your Outpost gameplay with an exclusive mod that provides a substantial in-game boost of both wood and stone. Say goodbye to resource scarcity and hello to endless opportunities for exploration and creation, amplifying your building and crafting capabilities.
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    Arcane & Void Essence
    Access a wealth of Arcane and Void Essence, providing you with an endless supply of essential crafting resources. Enhance your character's abilities, craft superior gear, and conquer the toughest challenges in Outpost. Embrace the power within and elevate your gameplay to new heights with this mod.
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      Give Experience
      Unlock new abilities, skills, and upgrades by utilizing additional experience points with this mod. Ideal for players looking to increase their progression rate in the game, it allows them to give themselves experience points, leading to quicker progress and a more fulfilling gaming experience.
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        About Outpost

        Outpost brings the perfect mix between survival and roguelike gameplay. Start the game in a randomly generated environment and try to adapt, and make it through as many nights as possible. How long can you survive?