Give Experience

A mod for Outpost
About the Give Experience mod

Give yourself a powerful advantage in Outpost with the ability to grant experience points. This mod enhances your gameplay by letting you unlock new skills and abilities, giving you the freedom to progress at your own pace. Tailor your experience and make the most of your survival journey.

Tailor Your Experience

No two players are the same, and with this mod, you can choose exactly how much experience you want to add. Whether you're looking for a quick boost to reach the next level or aiming for a sweeping upgrade, the flexible options help you tailor your gameplay experience.

Unlock Skills Like Never Before

Imagine diving into the world of Outpost with the ability to unlock skills and abilities at a pace that suits your playstyle. This mod transforms your survival experience, allowing you to access new tools and upgrades much quicker, keeping the gameplay exciting and fresh.

Enhance Your Game Sessions

Maximize your gaming sessions with the ability to grant yourself experience points. This feature means you can fully explore everything Outpost has to offer without getting stuck or having to grind for hours. It's all about making your gameplay smooth and enjoyable.

Extra Details

Give yourself experience points, allowing you to unlock new abilities, skills, and upgrades. Ideal for players looking to increase their progression rate in the game. Make the most out of your gameplay with the Give Experience Mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount To Give

The amount of experience to give.

Give Experience

Give yourself the specified amount of experience.

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