Increase Game Speed

A mod for Pikuniku
About the Increase Game Speed mod

Experience Pikuniku in a whole new light with the ability to adjust game speed at your fingertips. Whether you prefer lightning-fast action or a more leisurely pace, this mod empowers you to tailor your gameplay to your liking, unlocking a world of personalized adventure and dynamic control.

Unleash Dynamic Gameplay

Adjust the game speed to your preference, providing a thrilling gaming experience with faster-paced action or the ability to slow down and savor every moment.

Personalize Your Adventure

Gain full control over the game's tempo, allowing you to personalize the game speed and experience Pikuniku in an entirely new way that suits your play style.

Optimize Your Playthrough

Tweak the game speed to optimize your playthrough, whether it's for speed runs, immersive slow-motion moments, or enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Increase the speed of the game. Make things happen faster or slower.

This modpack contains the following mods

Game Speed

Enable the toggle to change the speed of the game. Avoid setting a really high value for this or the game may stop feeling smooth. The more powerful your computer, the higher you can set this. This can also be used to make the game slower if a value of less than 1 is used. A value of 0.5 would make the game go half as fast, this is useful for slow motion.

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