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Increase Game Speed
Experience Pikuniku in a whole new light with the ability to adjust game speed at your fingertips. Whether you prefer lightning-fast action or a more leisurely pace, this mod empowers you to tailor your gameplay to your liking, unlocking a world of personalized adventure and dynamic control.
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    Change Size
    Experience a whole new dimension of gameplay in Pikuniku with the ability to modify your character's body size. This mod allows you to overcome obstacles, discover new areas, and find unique solutions to puzzles by adjusting your character's proportions.
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      Give Money
      Experience financial freedom with this mod that allows you to give yourself money in Pikuniku. Overcome constraints and delve into the game's playful world with unlimited resources at your disposal.
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        Jump Height Multiplier
        Elevate your in-game movements with the Jump Height Multiplier mod for Pikuniku. This mod allows you to fine-tune your jumping abilities by adjusting the jump height multiplier, enabling you to customize your jump power according to your gaming style and effortlessly conquer platforming challenges.
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          About Pikuniku

          Pikuniku is an absurdly wonderful puzzle-exploration game that takes place in a strange but playful world where not everything is as happy as it seems. Help peculiar characters overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start a fun little revolution in this delightful dystopian adventure!