Jump Height Multiplier

A mod for Pikuniku
About the Jump Height Multiplier mod

Elevate your in-game movements with the Jump Height Multiplier mod for Pikuniku. This mod allows you to fine-tune your jumping abilities by adjusting the jump height multiplier, enabling you to customize your jump power according to your gaming style and effortlessly conquer platforming challenges.

Customize Your Jump Power

Tailor your jumping abilities to match your playstyle by adjusting the jump height multiplier, increasing or decreasing jump power to fit your preferences.

Enhance Your Platforming Experience

Unlock new heights and explore unreachable areas with the ability to double your jump power, opening up new possibilities in the game's world and puzzles.

Master Tricky Jumps with Ease

With the mod, conquer challenging platforming sections effortlessly by modifying jump power, providing the precision and control needed to overcome obstacles.

Extra Details

Increase the size of your jumps.

This modpack contains the following mods

Jump Height Multiplier

Multiply the size of your jumps. A value of 2 will double your jump power, a value of 0.5 will half your jump power. A value of 1 will do nothing. A value of 0 will disable jumping.

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