Clear Achievements

A mod for Placid Plastic Duck Simulator
About the Clear Achievements mod

Experience the joy of your favorite soothing duck simulator in a whole new light. This mod allows you to clear all your achievements instantly, enabling you to relive the thrill of earning them again without the hassle of starting over.

Refresh Your Game Experience

Unlock a whole new layer to the gameplay by clearing your achievements. Dive back into the serene world of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator and re-experience the joy of collecting achievements as if for the first time.

Get Creative with Achievements

This mod gives you the unique ability to approach achievements from a fresh angle. Whether you missed collecting a few or simply want to relive the satisfaction of earning them again, you're in control of your gaming journey.

Simplified Gaming Enjoyment

No more frustration over missed achievements. With the click of a button, you can clear your achievements instantly and enjoy the relaxing gameplay that Placid Plastic Duck Simulator has to offer, stress-free.

Extra Details

Instantly clear all achievements. Get your achievements again.

This modpack contains the following mods

Clear Achievements

Instantly clear achievements.

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