Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

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Clear Achievements
Reset and customize your achievements in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator with this mod. Experience the thrill of re-earning achievements and embark on a new gaming journey with a clean slate. Take control of your gaming experience by customizing the achievement reset options according to your preferences.
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    Change Game Speed
    Control the pace of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator with the Change Game Speed mod. Modify the speed of duck spawning and movement, personalizing the in-game experiences to suit your preferred gaming style. Enhance immersion and create diverse scenarios by customizing game speed with this versatile mod.
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      Give Achievement
      Elevate your gaming experience in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator with the 'Give Achievement' mod. Instantly unlock specific achievements, refresh the list, or unlock all achievements with ease, allowing you to enjoy your game without any unnecessary hassles.
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        Spawn Duck
        Elevate your Placid Plastic Duck Simulator experience with the ability to instantly spawn different ducks, select the quantity to spawn, and refresh the list for endless options. Enjoy the thrill of surprising random duck spawns and effectively expand your collection with ease.
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          About Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

          The ultimate high-tech rubber duck simulation, Placid Plastic Duck brings you dangerous levels of relaxation. With chill music, dreamy 3D graphics, and many different happy ducks, your only priority is to float around. Zero Ducks given.