Give Achievement

A mod for Placid Plastic Duck Simulator
About the Give Achievement mod

Unlock achievements instantly in the delightful world of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator. With this user-friendly mod, you can choose specific achievements or unlock them all with a single click, transforming your gaming journey without the usual grind.

Effortlessly Achieve Milestones

Say goodbye to the tedious process of earning achievements manually. This mod lets you instantly achieve any milestone in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator, allowing you to focus on enjoying the relaxing world of happy ducks.

Stay Updated with Ease

Keep your achievements list current with a simple refresh option. The mod gives you the ability to instantly update your achievement list, ensuring you never miss out on tracking your progress and accomplishments.

Complete Your Collection

With the option to unlock all achievements at once, you can complete your collection without the usual time investment. Embrace the joy of floating around without worrying about the grind—just enjoy the serenity that the game offers!

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself the specified achievement.

This modpack contains the following mods

Achievement to Give

The achievement to give.

Refresh Achievement List

Refresh the list of achievement.

Unlock Achievement

Unlock the specified achievement.

Unlock All Achievements

Unlock every achievement.

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