Rogue Glitch Ultra

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Explore 24 mods across 4 modpacks for Rogue Glitch Ultra.

Error Screen Fix
Ensure a seamless gaming experience by easily fixing error screens like 'Connection to steam failed! Please restart the game' and similar issues with this mod. Only activate the mod when encountering specific error screens in Rogue Glitch Ultra.
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    Give Upgrades
    Elevate your gameplay with the 'Give Upgrades' mod for Rogue Glitch Ultra. This mod grants you the ability to choose from a range of upgrades and give yourself any upgrade of your choice, providing complete control over customizing and enhancing your in-game abilities.
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      Player Stats
      Empower your gameplay in Rogue Glitch Ultra with the ability to customize and upgrade your character stats, including damage, firerate, critchance, movespeed, and more, ensuring your gaming experience is tailored to your preferences.
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        Infinite Health
        Elevate your gameplay experience with the ability to grant yourself unlimited health, activate god mode, and modify your max health effortlessly. Stop all damage and immerse yourself in Rogue Glitch Ultra like never before.
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          About Rogue Glitch Ultra

          Enter the world of Rogue Glitch - a colourful action-roguelite with a heavy focus on platforming finesse. Collect, unlock and upgrade in solo play or with friends to access the glitched entities of your former self.