Error Screen Fix

A mod for Rogue Glitch Ultra
About the Error Screen Fix mod

Ensure a seamless gaming experience by easily fixing error screens like 'Connection to steam failed! Please restart the game' and similar issues with this mod. Only activate the mod when encountering specific error screens in Rogue Glitch Ultra.

Seamless Error Screen Resolution

Easily handle and resolve any error screens, including the notorious 'Connection to steam failed! Please restart the game', ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

Empower Personalized Troubleshooting

Target and address specific error screens with precision, providing the capacity to swiftly tackle relevant issues without unnecessary mod activation.

Enhanced Error Screen Management

Effortlessly rectify error screens without toggling the mod unless encountering the specified error, ensuring a smooth gaming experience each time.

Extra Details

Getting stuck on an error screen? Enable this mod to fix the issue. Please don't enable this mod unless you are specifically getting stuck on an error screen. Errors something like: Connection to steam failed! Please restart the game.

This modpack contains the following mods

Fix Error Screen

Enable this option to fix the error screen if you see it.

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