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Empower your gameplay with this mod pack for Starsand Demo. Enjoy unlimited health, thirst, hunger, and stamina to ensure continuous survival in the game. Additionally, adjust your movement speed, defense, and sun protection stats to gain a strategic advantage and have an enhanced gaming experience.
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    Inventory Manager
    Unleash your creativity with this mod for Starsand Demo. Take control of your inventory by unlocking unlimited crafting resources, instantly crafting items, and accessing all crafting recipes. Enhance your gaming experience with the freedom to create previously unavailable items.
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      No Clip
      Discover a new dimension of exploration with the No Clip mod for Starsand Demo. Seamlessly fly around the game world, uncover hidden secrets, and gain dynamic control over your movement speed, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.
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        Unlimited Time
        Experience limitless exploring with the ability to pause the timer at 45 minutes and disable the dust wall hazard near the pyramid, empowering you to venture freely in the arcane desert environment.
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          About Starsand Demo

          Starsand is a mystic survival game set among the dunes of an arcane desert. An open-world full of danger, vast environments and mysterious happenings await you! Explore, hunt, craft, build - and SURVIVE.