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Unlock a new level of survival in Starsand Demo with this incredible mod that grants you unlimited health, thirst, hunger, and stamina. Dive into the adventure without limits and focus on exploration, crafting, and building in a mysterious desert world.
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    Inventory Manager
    Transform your experience in the desert of Starsand with our powerful inventory mod. This essential tool empowers you with unlimited crafting resources, instant crafting capabilities, and the ability to unlock every recipe in the game. Craft anything you desire, even items that are usually not craftable, and take your survival skills to unparalleled heights.
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      Transform your journey through the mesmerizing desert landscape with a game-changing feature that enables you to fly freely. Perfectly designed for adventurous spirits, this mod allows you to access unreachable areas and conduct thorough explorations with ease. Adjust your flight speed to suit your needs and toggle the feature on or off with a press of a key, immersing yourself in a uniquely liberating experience.
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        Unlimited Time
        Unlock endless adventures in the Starsand Demo by allowing yourself unlimited time to explore. Enjoy the game without the stress of a ticking timer and disable barriers like the dust wall, enhancing your survival experience in the mystic desert.
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          About Starsand Demo

          Starsand is a mystic survival game set among the dunes of an arcane desert. An open-world full of danger, vast environments and mysterious happenings await you! Explore, hunt, craft, build - and SURVIVE.