Unlimited Time

A mod for Starsand Demo
About the Unlimited Time mod

Experience limitless exploring with the ability to pause the timer at 45 minutes and disable the dust wall hazard near the pyramid, empowering you to venture freely in the arcane desert environment.

Unlock Extended Demo Playtime

Extend your gameplay in the demo with this mod, pausing the time limit at 45 minutes. Explore the game world freely without the constraints of the original time limit.

Disable Hazardous Dust Wall

Remove the challenge of the dust wall near the pyramid by enabling this mod, providing a safer journey and more time for peaceful exploration within the desert environment.

Enhance Exploration Experience

With the mod, experience an extended and immersive journey into the arcane desert, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. Take your time to uncover the mysteries and dangers lurking within.

Extra Details

Want to spend more time in the demo to actually explore what is possible? This mod pauses the demo timer on 45 minutes so you can explore freely for as long as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlimited Time

Enabling this option will give you an unlimited amount of demo play time by setting your time remaining to 45 minutes.

Disable Dust Wall

Enabling this option will disable the dust wall that moves towards you when you go near a pyramid.

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