Unlock All Levels

A mod for Ultimate Chicken Horse
About the Unlock All Levels mod

Unlock all levels instantly and immerse yourself in the expansive world of Ultimate Chicken Horse. Simply activate the mod, step out of the treehouse, and return to find every level at your fingertips, enhancing your gaming adventure right from the beginning.

Experience Every Level Immediately

Why wait to unlock levels when you can dive into every single one from the moment you start? This mod ensures instant access to all levels, allowing you to fully engage with the game.

Easy Activation for Seamless Gameplay

Activating this mod is a breeze—just click the button, and watch as all levels become available. It’s as simple as heading out from the treehouse and returning to see your unlocked options!

Discover the Full Potential of Ultimate Chicken Horse

Unlocking all levels transforms your gaming experience, letting you experiment and strategize with traps and hazards in every environment, keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all levels. Launch the game and then click the "Unlock All Levels" button. The sign should instantly update to tell you that all levels have been unlocked. You will need to leave the treehouse (e.g. start a match) and then return to the treehouse for all the level select options to appear.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Levels

Instantly unlock all levels.

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