Ultimate Chicken Horse

Get Premium Mods for Ultimate Chicken Horse via AzzaMods. There are 7 mods available right now for Ultimate Chicken Horse in AzzaMods.


Explore 7 mods across 4 modpacks for Ultimate Chicken Horse.

Unlock All Characters
This mod allows players to instantly access all characters in Ultimate Chicken Horse without the need to earn them. With a single click, all characters become readily available, streamlining the gaming experience and facilitating creative possibilities from the get-go.
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    Unlock Achievement
    This mod grants you the power to promptly unlock any specified achievement or unlock all achievements within Ultimate Chicken Horse. It also offers the option to refresh the achievements list, providing a streamlined and effortless gaming experience.
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      Unlock All Levels
      Unlock all levels in Ultimate Chicken Horse with a simple button click and experience seamless access to every aspect of the game.
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        Unlock All Outfits
        Elevate your Ultimate Chicken Horse experience by instantly unlocking all outfits. Enhance your gameplay with the freedom to select attires for any character, allowing you to customize and personalize your in-game avatars.
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          About Ultimate Chicken Horse

          Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer game where you build the level as you play, placing traps and hazards to screw your friends over, but trying not to screw yourself.