Unlock All Outfits

A mod for Ultimate Chicken Horse
About the Unlock All Outfits mod

Unlock every outfit in Ultimate Chicken Horse instantly! With just a click, gain access to all character outfits, making your play sessions more vibrant and customizable. Experience effortless outfit selection and take your gaming aesthetics to the next level.

Transform Your Gameplay Experience

With this mod, you can instantly access all outfits, allowing for a whole new level of character customization. No more waiting to unlock outfits as you play; just click and dive into the fun!

Customize for Any Character

Different characters can now have their own unique styles. This mod ensures that you can select outfits tailored to specific characters, making gameplay even more enjoyable and personalized.

Quick and Easy Setup

Simply launch the game, hit the 'Unlock All Outfits' button, and jump into action. Returning to the treehouse will allow you to enjoy all the outfit options without any fuss or hassle.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock all outfits. Launch the game, click the "Unlock All Outfits" button and then leave the treehouse (e.g. start a match) and then return to the treehouse for all the outfits to be unlocked. Use the mirror to change / select an outfit. Certain slots are used for certain characters, not all slots are used for all characters.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Outfits

Instantly unlock all outfits.

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