Give Cash

A mod for Weed Shop 3
About the Give Cash mod

Elevate your in-game financial prowess with this mod that enables you to effortlessly integrate a specified amount of cash into your Weed Shop 3 experience. Enjoy a seamless process of boosting your virtual wallet, tailored to fit your specific gaming needs.

Tailored Cash Boost

You can effortlessly boost your in-game wallet with a customizable amount of cash to enhance your Weed Shop 3 experience. Tailor the added cash to fit your specific gaming needs.

Streamlined Cash Injection

Enjoy a seamlessly integrated mod that allows you to inject cash into your game instantly. This fret-free process ensures you can focus on expanding your virtual weed empire.

Personalized Financial Control

Take full control of your virtual finances with a mod that empowers you to customize the amount of cash added to your game. Experience flexibility and enhance your Weed Shop 3 journey with personalized financial control.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of cash.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Cash to Give

The amount of cash to give.

Give Cash

Give the specified amount of cash.

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