Weed Shop 3

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Level Up
Elevate your gameplay in Weed Shop 3 by acquiring the 'Level Up' mod, allowing you to instantly boost your character's level and unlock advanced features effortlessly.
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    Give Cash
    Elevate your in-game financial prowess with this mod that enables you to effortlessly integrate a specified amount of cash into your Weed Shop 3 experience. Enjoy a seamless process of boosting your virtual wallet, tailored to fit your specific gaming needs.
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      Set Level
      Elevate your Weed Shop 3 adventure by instantly customizing your player level from 1 to 250 with the 'Set Level' mod. Take charge of your in-game experience, whether you seek to unlock new features or tailor unique challenges to your liking. With this mod, seamlessly enhance your gameplay with personalized level adjustments.
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        About Weed Shop 3

        BUILD YOUR VIRTUAL WEED EMPIRE: Grow the hottest strains & crossbreed new ones, roll your own Blunts, sell Bongs, hire Growers, make Solventless Concentrates, handle Rival Dealers, befriend Influencers, smoke Dabs, ride a Dolphin, and More! WELCOME TO WEED SHOP 3!