Level Up

A mod for Weed Shop 3
About the Level Up mod

Elevate your gameplay in Weed Shop 3 by acquiring the 'Level Up' mod, allowing you to instantly boost your character's level and unlock advanced features effortlessly.

Rapidly Progress Your Character

With the 'Level Up' mod, instantly boost your character's level, allowing you to access advanced features and greatly improve your in-game performance.

Effortless Advancement

Experience seamless character progression in Weed Shop 3 by employing the 'Level Up' mod, offering a hassle-free means to enhance your character's capabilities in the game.

Enhance Your Gameplay

The 'Level Up' mod provides a convenient way to elevate your gaming experience in Weed Shop 3. Quickly unlock new content and enjoy a more enriched gameplay with enhanced character abilities.

Extra Details

Instantly level up your character.

This modpack contains the following mods

Level Up

Instantly level up.

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