Fishing Helper

Wobbly Life

Make fishing a little or a lot easier. Reduce waiting around by making fish instantly bite. Speed up the process of finding every single fish by selecting the rarity of the fish that you can possibly catch. Reduce the difficulty of the actual fishing game itself by making it harder for the fish to drag the fishing rod back out, and making it easier to pull the fish back in. Any combination of these settings will make fishing just the right difficulty that suits you.

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This modpack contains the following mods

Instant Fish Bite

Fish will instantly be ready to bite when you cast your rod. Simply cast your rod, and the option to pull the fish in will instantly appear. This means you no longer need to wait to try pull a fish in.

Easy Fishing

Modifes the fishing job to make it much harder to lose and much easier to win. If you don't cast out very far then you can sometimes even pull the fish in right away.

Force Fish Rarity

Force the rarity of the fish you catch. Easily catch rare fish, special fish, common fish, uncommon fish and junk.